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Improvement Mod/改进Mod
Improvement Mod/改进Mod
  • 分类:MOD作品
  • 下载方式: 百度网盘
  • 浏览:1423 次
  • 下载:13 次
  • 大小:1.18G
  • 版本:绿色版
  • 环境:亚洲王朝
  • 备注:Creator: mandosrex(MODDB)
  • 下载消耗:免费
  • 原网页:点击进入
The Improvement Mod touches on every aspect of the incredible game that is Age of Empires 3 and its expansions, improving and tweaking every feature the game has to offer while also adding many new features and content such as new units, buildings, maps, civilizations, soundtracks and game modes.
All of this results in a very refined gameplay experience powered by an improved AI and better visuals. Balancing is also a main focus for the mod and everything has been made as balanced and fair as possible. Check the "Features" section for more details.
Both single and multiplayer are supported and expanded with more teams, a new continent of maps and improved game rules. The mod and all its features are also fully ESO compatible.
The mod is recommended for AoE3 Complete Collection (Steam version) as it contains everything the mod needs, although it can be installed over any version as long as the game has both expansions and ALL official updates.
Main features of the Improvement Mod:
- new African, American and Oceania maps plus new Large, Regicide, Custom and themed maps (and new map options)
- new native allies for the new maps and new African and Oceania animals and props
- new gameplay features such as Control Points, improved King of the Hill mode and Trade Monopoly
- overall many balance changes and gameplay tweaks, plus some returning features from AoE2
- new original soundtracks, taken from campaigns and other AoE related sources
- new and improved AI made to work with the newly added features
- fixed and improved formations, animations and visual effects such as smoke, dust and blood
- new playable civilizations, the Americans, Italians and Swedish
- new Consulate allies (Americans, Italians and Swedish) and improved Revolution civilizations
- new unique resource for European civilizations, Fame (similar to Export)
- new units, cards, techs, buildings, sounds and hotkeys for all civilizations
- new unique civilization bonuses and new team bonuses
- rebalance and new content for every old and new civilization
- randomized Consulate allies, Revolution leaders, age up Politicians and Council members
- many fixes across the board, from broken textures to bugged units, techs, pathfinding and sounds
- reduced the randomness in attacks and damage patterns and improved area damage
- new visual rendering features such as "Multisample anti-aliasing" and "Alpha to coverage"
- upgraded the DirectX version the game is using in the mod
- removed excess fog from all maps and toned down the blinding bloom
- redesigned and improved naval warfare with better ship handling and formations
- improved map details, added extra particles and props
- fixes and improvements for the "Out of sync" error
- full LAN and ESO support with more available teams
- multiplayer save game support, OOS restoration, and other UHC features
- upscaled UI textures
- revived diplomacy feature
- increased population and unit selection limit
- and much, much more
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